Alison Abomnes
Founder of Complete Paris

Alison Abomnes

Born and raised in England, Ali’s life-long dream of immersing herself into the French way of life has become a reality. With a deep love of Paris and exceptional desire to be of service, in 2010 she founded a unique, successful and thriving company – Complete Paris Concierge Services.

Ali left her North Yorkshire hometown and moved to London to pursue a fulfilling career in the film industry. Traveling throughout Europe working as a Hair & Make-up artist she developed a talent for taking care of people, meeting deadlines with urgency, a passion for attention to detail and instinctively generated a sense of calm amongst colleagues. After 11 years on the road, Ali desired a new career path and a home where she truly belonged.

In 2004 at the news of their first child, Ali and her now husband (a French national) relocated to Paris to raise their family. They lived in many different quartiers of the city, during which time their second child arrived and Ali came to realize everything she’d been searching for.

Complete Paris Concierge Services encompass the same, unique philosophy: “Sharing first-hand knowledge and expertise, whilst seamlessly delivering first class concierge assistance – with a personal touch that’s second to none“.